Donnie Dynamite has surrounded itself with artists from all over the globe to bring you their second album. Featuring talent from the United States to Germany, Colombia, Chile, the Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic, France, the UK, Norway and Spain. Their genre-boundary pushing epos is now live on all streaming platforms!
Donnie Dynamite is the brainchild of Jakub Malar, Roald Schel and Kev Zed. Working remotely from the UK, the Netherlands and Canada respectively, these three musicians form the backbone of Donnie Dynamite. Creating a unique and catchy mix of pop, indi, rock and hip-hop, these musicians don’t shy away from showing their individualities, influences and inspirations. Throw in the amazing work from Czech graphic artist Eliška Štěpová and you’ve got a world of music and comics to explore and lose yourself in.
Tropical Fever
False Rumour
Out of my dreams
Lemon people don't sleep & Ozen
Outerworld saga - dark side
Outerworld saga - bright side
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